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Classes: Bard



The most cultured and at the same time noisy class of all. He can also be dangerous, defending his personal interests with the help of his music.

General Skills
Begging Cartography Enticement Herding
Musicianship Peacemaking Provocation Taste Identification

  • INT and DEX are growing faster.
  • Owns his own Tome of Antique Melodies - it can be purchased from ... the Lord of Melody at a modest price of 2.500.000 gp. Where to find the Lord of Melodies is your task.
  • Less likely to fail in his professional skills.
  • Receives more money from Begging, depending on the level of the character.

  • Limited in the choice of armor (this is too noisy business, running around in metal armor and even more so, pulling shields).

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