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Classes: Hunter



This is a war class, very similar to Warrior. He is like "Robin Hood" in Sosaria and a worthy warrior beyond. Expert of outcasts, archers and pinchers ...

General Skills
Anatomy Archery Detecting Hidden Healing
Hiding Mace Fighting Tactics Tracking

  • DEX is growing faster.
  • Critical damage bonus.
  • Bonus to absorb damage from bows, crossbows, heavy crossbows and from a mace.
  • Has a bonus when using Stamina Crystal, as well as the Assassin, Paladin, Ranger and Warrior.


Limited in the choice of armor (this is too noisy, running around in heavy armor and pulling hefty shields).

Special Perks
Command Description Requirements
.snipershot Common bows, Swift, Stygian and Mistycal bows are used,

crossbows and heavy crossbows. Pointing to the victim,
the character attacks with even greater force.
At the same time, he must be motionless
and wait a few seconds before it fires.
The shooting time depends on his bow.

The team requires a delay.
.runningshot This command allows simultaneously

shoot and run after your opponent.
Weapons: Common bow, crossbow, heavy crossbow.
Fire, Ice, Air Bows, Spider Crossbow
and Thunder heavy crossbow.

Ability time: level * 5.

DEX required: level * 5.
Requires Trophies: level * 10.
Delay between uses: level * 30 sec.

.summontroll Calls for help -

based on the team name.
Depending on the level,
different NPCs with different characteristics.

Each privilege requires a certain number of Trophies:

If you hit an NPC: the amount of trophies = your level
If you hit the enchantment: the sum of the trophies = your level * 10

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