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Classes: Thief



The thief class is so stealthy that it can walk on your shadow and you won't feel anything.

Detecting Hidden Hiding Lockpicking Poisoning
Remove Trap Snooping Stealing Stealth

  • DEX is growing faster.
  • Less likely to fail in his professional skills.
  • Uses more powerful potions for poisoning, without increasing difficulty.
  • The best character who skillfully hides (Hiding).
  • More steps when using the skill Stealth.
  • Best in using the Detecting Hidden skill and also the best in hiding from this skill.
  • Moves hidden on horseback, using the skills Hiding and Stealth.
  • They can use their special "Camouflage", deceiving everyone around with their fake data.

  • Limited in the choice of armor (this is too noisy, running around in metal armor, and even more so, pulling shields).
  • A thief is by definition a criminal element, and therefore cannot call the guards (guards).

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