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Classes: Druid (combined with class Mage)



One of the magic classes, which are subject to the book and the magic of the Earth (Book of the Earth - it can be purchased from ... the Archdruid at a modest price of 2.500.000 gp. Where to find the Archdruid is your task).

General Skills
Alchemy Animal Lore Inscription Item Identification
Magery Meditation Resisting Spells Wrestling

  • Spells do more damage. Itself takes less damage from spells.
  • Can use his special book: Book of the Earth (Earth Book).
  • His resistance (Resisting Spells) against ordinary magic spells is promoted by the Animal Lore skill.
  • Faster mana recovery than other non-magic classes.
  • Just like Mage and Necromancer, it dries raw reagents better and more efficiently.
  • Meditates successfully, at the level with the classes Mage, Necromancer and Paladin.
  • Has a bonus for identifying magic items, as well as the Mage and Necromancer.
  • Has a bonus when using Mana Crystal, as well as the classes Mage, Necromancer and Paladin.
  • Has priority in stopping the enemy with the Paralyze spell.
  • Has a bonus when brewing magic potions (including those that increase statistics - buffs).

  • STR growth is slower.
  • Deal less damage in physical battles.
  • Receives more damage in physical battles.

Special Perks
Command Description Requirements
.runningspell Allows you to use spells for a while on the go.

'Ability time:' level * 10
'Mana required:' level * 5
'Trophies Required:' level * 10
'Delay between uses:' level * 30

Every privilege requires

a certain number of Trophies
If you hit NPCs:
total trophies = your level
If you hit the spell:
total trophies = your level * 10

.summonundead Summons NPCs to Help

- based on the name of the team.
Depending on the level,
different mobs with different characteristics.

.castspell <spell id> Simplifies use and macros

magic spells

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