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Skills: Arms Lore

Nothing is eternal in Britania, not to mention weapon and armor. Every time when you use them in fight, they becomes more and more fragile and less powerful, but with use of skill Knowledge of Weapon, it is possible to check their state and to repair by means of skill of Blackmithy. You remember, the effective regimentals, are the basic rule for each fighter.

How to use Arms Lore

To use skill of Knowledge of Arms, press the blue point corresponding to this name in the list of skills and choose an object which you want to explore. The skill also automatically used in the course of work of some abilities of the craftsman.

When using Arms Lore obtain information about:

Condition of weapon and current its maximum HP
attack strength, if this weapon
protective strength, if it is armor

Having the highest percent of skill of Arms Lore, you have more chances to create exclusive (exceptional), and also ideal (perfect) thing and to restore a condition of objects which were damaged. Skill growth depends on quality of a subject which you study. What the resource of which made a subject (a tree, ore or leather) was higher, the skill will growing better.

Profession: Arms Dealer
As it is used: From the list of skills and automatically (during creation of objects)
Teachers: Armorer, Blacksmith, Weaponsmith, Warrior
Primary statistics: Intelligence
Secondary statistics: Strength

Tables Arms Lore
Таблица оценки состояния предмета
Оценка Состояния Состояние
Brand new 100%
Almost new 90%
Barely used, with a few nicks and scrapes 80%
Fairly good condition 70%
Suffered some wear and tear 60%
Well used 50%
Rather battered 40%
Somewhat badly damaged 30%
Flimsy and not trustworthy 20%
Falling apart 10%
Таблица оценки брони
Оценка Брони Значение Брони
Is superbly crafted to provide maximum protection 61+
Offers excellent protection 51-60
Is a superior defense against attack 41-50
Serves as sturdy protection 31-40
Offers some protection against blows 21-30
Provides very little protection 11-20
Provides almost no protection 1-10
Offers no defense against attackers 0
Таблица оценки урона
Оценка Урона Значения Урона
Would be extraordinarily deadly 56+
Would be a superior weapon 46-55
Would inflict serious damage and pain 36-45
Likely hurt opponent a fair amount 26-35
Would do some damage 16-25
Would do minimal damage 6-15
Might scratch their opponent slightly 0-5

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